Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The coming week...

This past week has brought some changes and the coming week has a lot to look forward to. I'm gosh darn tired that I can hardly think straight, but here it goes.

-Grandpa Morgan was back in the hospital with an arterial bleed in the back of his throat. He has now been taken off the blood thinners that were for his heart stints. His condition has downgraded quite a bit in the past week and the family is now looking into some hospice or around the clock nursing care. Cancer is a roller coaster ride- and we are unsure if there will be a climb back up at this point or if we will continue in a descent.

-Bible Study at church is officially underway and I love my group so far! We are large (14 women) but very diverse which brings great discussion. We are studying the book of Matthew.

-Riah (my nephew) had his 5th birthday. So much to celebrate there.

-We are finally flea free!!! No bites for over a week!

-We are still house hunting and it is taking its toll. We are not in a hugely motivated position, so it allows us to be 'picky' about what we want, but I'm beginning to wonder if we'll find it. People are stupid and have their homes so way over priced its not even funny. I know our area has had one of the lowest declines in home values in the state- but that doesn't mean it has appreciated 10 grand in 2 years! Yikes!

-Naptime is back! Izzy only misses 1-2 naps a week now. I'm glad it was a phase. I have needed the extra rest the past week or so.

-God has sent us at least 2 if not 3 purchase agreements in the past week! Go God!

Now what we have in the coming week-

-Hopefully we will be leaving on Saturday morning for a much needed vacation. We are planning on travelling with Paul's immediate family plus another family (like 15 people in all) to Mexico to an all inclusive resort. Plans are still ok, but may change at the last moment with the whole Grandpa factor. Selfishly, I will simply cry if we do not get to go simply because we need this vacation so bad and our window of opportunity is small with baby coming soon. Paul and I need this. Izzy needs her daddy away from work just to play.

-A week from today I will be in my 3rd trimester- where did the first two go? Yikes! 28 weeks- means meeting our yet to be named daughter in 11 weeks. Whoa. Talk about a reality check!

I think that's all. I'm pooped. Izzy's (hopefully) down for a nap. I think I either hear my floors calling for a mop or my pillow. We'll see who cries louder.

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