Monday, September 14, 2009

6 Months

Ok, so here is baby girl at 6 months along...well more like me 6 months get the picture!

I think this dress makes me look bigger than I really am- but its super comfy and was perfect for the outdoor wedding we went to.

So at 6 months aka 24 weeks along....

  • I've only gained 5 pounds!!! (so thankful for that- but I'll gain anything if that makes my baby healthy)

  • She is about 12 inches long

  • Weighs about a pound and a half

  • Is an excellent riverdancer on my bladder

  • Loves to wake up and kick me around 10:00-10:30 when I'm trying to fall asleep

  • She would have about a 60% chance of making it outside the womb

  • Eyes and ears are done

  • She is proportionate to what she will be like at birth- just basically needs to fatten up!

  • All major organs are basically completed

  • Baby craves orange pop- so I oblige

  • Still doesn't have a name...we really need to get working on this one!

  • Has a very impatient Big Sister who is dying for her to come out

1 comment:

Short Stop said...

You look fantastic, girl!!!

And, hooray for baby!! Can't believe you're 6 months already.