Friday, September 25, 2009

3 year pictures, a big birthday, december 30, a new home, and fleas

How is that for a random title? Well, its because so much is going on- I can't help but be random. Izzy (finally) had her 3 year pictures taken. My awesome friend Nikki is hoping to start a photography business- so we are happy to help build her portfolio and I am sooo glad I'm getting some fun, creative shots taken of my baby girl (well not baby for too much longer!). Here was one she sent me as a teaser/preview. Ah, I'm in love. This picture sums up my daughter's personality to the tea! While izzy is fun loving and does smile and laugh a lot- you can often find her in an serious, observing stance. She is not a risk taker- and would much rather be watching others take the plunge than actually do so herself. She is kind of shy and unsure about change. She is more introverted than extroverted. She is all girl. She can look and act so grown up (especially in the face) but I hope she keeps her tiny, chubby hands forever! I still can't believe she is three!

Its been birthday week in our house. Paul's grandfather (who has been recently diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor) celebrated his 85th birthday. Paul happens to share a birthday with his grandpa so that makes it extra special. We had a huge party that night! My hubby got toys: grown up toys, and not so grown up ones! He got tools and tool storage from both parents and brothers and sisters (the big kid toys!). He got wii resort from me (big boy toy- but he giggles like a little boy while playing). And his favorite gift? A nerf gun that Izzy unprompted picked out for her daddy- yes a little boy toy for my big boy hubby. He couldn't be happier- and he is cute when he is giddy!

Speaking of birthday's. Baby Girl has hers already picked out (unless she decides to make it early!). December 30 at 8:30 am. Yikes. That's not too far off now is it?

We're house hunting. We need more space. Izzy needs a yard (she yearns for her own 'playground' that she could play on every day!). We need to not live where Paul works. We've looked at a few. We put an offer in on one today. We'll wait and see. Lots to look at. Never know what will pop up. We're trying to be patient. It sure would be nice to move before baby girl makes her entrance, but we are on no strict timeline.

One of the houses we looked at was occupied. Not by humans. But by fleas. Said fleas are now in our dwelling (and car). Said fleas are accused of making a midnight snack out of my ankles and feet and a midday snack out of my back and belly. They couldn't get their fill on me, so have started feeding on my daughter. Itchy mommy + itchy preschooler + live bugs in my house = a not so great situation. We have tried the carpet powder. I have washed and washed and washed all of the linens. No such luck. We bug bombed the place today. Fleas be gone or I swear I just might....well never mind. They better move on to a home with pets or else! My parents suggested adopting a cat to help get rid of the fleas- too bad I couldn't convice my hubby (especially since he would be on litter box duty until baby girl is born!).

Thats our life for ya. I can't wait until what next week will bring. It better not be lice.

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