Monday, August 3, 2009

This one time at band camp....

Early August. Hard to believe. Every time August comes upon us, I can't help but think about August's pasts- back to school shopping, scheduling, last days of work, and of course Band Camp!

Yes I was a band geek, and probably always will be.

My senior year band camp was 9 years ago. 9 years ago I was more formally introduced to a guy named Paul who would eventually become my husband 5 years later. Boy was it an introduction!

It started one night in the middle of the week when we were sitting around the campfire. Paul and I were talking and sitting with a group of friends we happened to share. We were being 'set up' by my girlfriends at the time. But, we got to talking and found out we had quite a bit in common. One of my father's rules was that any guy who wanted to date me had to talk to him first (and ask permission!). Well, Paul's dad had the same rule (other guys had balked at this idea). It was great.

For the last night of band camp there was skit night where sections or classes could put on a little skit. For our senior year, my classmates wanted to go big and funny. The concept was is that it would be a skit about all of the funny/naughty things that happen at band camp beyond the eyes and ears of the director and leaders. They thought it would be hilarious to have two of the most innocent, unsuspecting people be caught 'making out' in the woods. So who did they pick? Well me (I was the perfectionaist, 4.0 people pleaser, drum major leader, christian girl) and Paul (the nice christian guy who wouldn't say or do a bad thing to save his life). I was rather mortified of the whole idea (I was worried what my teachers might think!) but played along. So 9 years ago we snuck out of our 'dorms' and into the woods to later come running back- with Paul tucking in his shirt all for the laughs.

Little did I know I would marry the fellow.

It was funny. We made it funnier because we would have never done such a thing. I'm still slightly mortified.

At least I marry the guy in the end right?

So band camp 2000 was a great time. Fire, skit, and a bus ride home next to a boy! Yes, we sat next to each other. A month or less later he became my first boyfriend. 5 years later he became my one and only when I said "I do".

Kind of like a fairy tale don't you think?

This one time at band camp....

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Kelly said...

aww! Thanks for sharing that Jen! :) it's so sweet!