Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What works for you???

Attention all moms, babysitters, etc. I need some advice. I have two issues with Iz that I can't seem to get a hold of.

1). Bathtime drama. I have finally gotten to the point where Izzy can take a bath without throwing a huge fit. But, as soon as I even talk about washing her hair- its all out screams. I cannot wash her hair without a huge crying fit. I have tried using smaller cups, doing it faster, doing it slower, having her hold a washcloth- and yet the tears reign. I cannot handle this drama- its crazy! Any washing of the hair tips?

2.) Poopy diapers. Izzy has an amazing internal clock. She always poops during her naptime. She sleeps with diapers on since she is not night trained yet (she's not even three). I would really love for her to start doing her #2 business on the potty instead of in diapers. I have tried letting her take naps without diapers- but she has wet the bed- and well, thats just a mess. I have tried moving her lunch time earlier and naptime later to try to get her to poop before naptime. She has a standing offer to get to pick out anything from the dollar store when she poops on the potty. So far, no such luck. Any tips for getting poop where it belongs?

Edit to add a #3)
How do you teach a kid to spit? I'm trying to transition Izzy to real kiddie toothpaste with the flouride- but she won't spit. She has been using a toddler training paste that does not have flouride so she can swallow it. I've tried teaching her to spit with it and trying to get her spit with water, but no such luck! I can't get this girl to spit. Any ideas?


Kelly said...

Samantha (a little girl I watched) had a serious fear of being tipped back in the tub, having water poured over her head, period. I finally got a shower head with a hose on it... one that I could pull down and she'd "play in the rain" while I washed her hair out... it worked & she hated showers that would have been the easy way out. For a while we did an m&m for every good bath we had.

As for the potty training thing.. pick a few things up from the dollar store & keep them in a reward box, so if she has a whole nap w/out the potty issue she gets to pick one out, have her sit on the potty before & after nap time regardless of the result so she figures out that if she just waits for a few minutes she can do it in her potty & get a treat! :)

Beck said...

So far I think your friend Kelly has the best advice. I would think about getting a shower head you can rinse Izzy's head with. Have you tried putting her in the shower with you and see how she does?? Some kids just hate baths and even though they seem to little they will do better in the shower. Does she hate getting water in her eyes?? They have special pitcher type things at walmart that have a soft side, you put the soft part on their forehead and run the water down the back of thier head. I can send you the link for one if you want/need to see it.

No idea how to teach a kid to spit. Sorry! I think it's like drinking through a straw one day they will just get it! You'll have to let me know on this one!!

As far as potty training no idea. I'm wondering if she knows the "feelings" yet and if her body knows she needs to go #2 if she is asleep?? Never heard of a child only going during sleep so again I'm no help! I guess like Kelly said just put her on the potty before and as soon as she wakes up so she gets the idea. Also I've heard from LOTS of other parents that as gross as is it taking them in the bathroom while your going helps a lot to! :) Let us know what you find out! Don't worry she won't go to high school in diapers, w/out being able to spit and stinky so I'm sure it will all be fine. Kids are just stubborn sometimes :)