Thursday, April 30, 2009

Things I Love Thursday- Crayola

Time for another round of Things that I Love Thursday hosted by The Diaper Diaries!

The thing I love this Thursday is (insert triumphant horn sound) CRAYOLA!!!

I love Crayola. They are by far the best, most kid friendly, high quality, mom loved coloring utensil suppliers. As a former teacher, a lover of coloring (its so relaxing!), and now a mom, I can vouch for the tremendous quality of the Crayola products. (And no, they are not paying me to say this- I don't even know them- but yes, I would be interested!).

There is nothing like coloring with a crayola crayon. They have the perfect consistency where there is no waxy residue or flakes all over the picture you painstakingly worked on. They do not break nearly as easy as most other crayons. I enjoy their colored pencils too- but its harder to notice a quality difference there in my opinion.

Now, crayola markers are the only markers allowed in our house (well, minus my permanant friend, the sharpie!). They are phenomenal. Smooth coloring. Great colors, very washable.

Well, I was very excited when Tar*et had a great little deal on Crayola makers. It was a 50 pip-squeeks in a handy pastic tower that was collapsible when not in use!

All for only $10!!!
I was thrilled- because as great as Crayola is, it can be a bit pricey!
Well, much to my dissapointment, when my 2.5 year old and I brought our new treasure home for an afternoon of coloring delight, I imediately became frustrated. The tower kept collapsing. The 'lid' kept closing in on our hands. These marker lids were the hardest buggers to get off and on- so most of my time was spent helping Izzy change from color to color rather than actually enjoying the activity myself. Then, I had about 5 colors that were almost completely dry- at opening! Well, I trudged on, hoping I could just figure this out. Well, within 1 week of slight use, I had another 5 markers dry up and nearly bite the dust. I couldn't believe the low quality, the complete dysfunctionality of the contraption, and just was so frustrated. This was not my crayola!
Well, the main reason I love my Crayola, is for their customer service. I gave the hotline a call. Was on hold for less than 3 minutes (amazing feat!). After a little serial number digging, the helpful woman found that my markers were made in 2007 and were nearing their shelf life. Hence, the dry colors. She happily sent me a consumer check for $15 off my next crayola purchase (with the intent of replacing my apprently defective product). I love you Crayola! Thank you for standing by your product enough to let me try again! So, as Izzy and I use up the remaning remnants of the Pip-squeek tower, we are plotting our next Crayola purchase.
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Taylor said...

Crayola IS the best! I'm so glad to hear that they reimbursed you.

thediaperdiaries said...

Love Crayola too. How great that they have good customer service. I think it always pays to complain a little when things aren't up to quality standards. So glad to meet you in real life!!