Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Funny Girl

We have a comedien in training amongtst us. Our little Izzy girl has found herself to be quite funny- or wanting to be!

Some examples:

  • When daddy is leaving she shouts "goodbye mommy!" and then gets this goofy grin on her face.

  • She all of the sudden said "knock, knock" from her carseat one day. I responded, "Who's there?" She just laughed and laughed and thought that was so funny. So now she says "knock knock", and I say "who's there?" and she says, "Its me, Isabelle!"

  • She has named her stuffed dolphin 'whale'

  • On Palm Sunday- "God came into the city riding a camel!"

Then there was this conversation this morning:

"I want to wear a dinosaur shirt mommy"

"I don't think we have a dinosaur shirt, I think they onloy make dinosaur shirts for boys"

"Well, sometimes when I'm a boy, I will wear a dinosaur shirt"

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