Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Things I Love Thursday- Bar Keepers Friend Stovetop Cleaner

One of my new favorite blogs is The Diaper Diaries. I found her through her Mom at church. She is hilarious! She also has this great bloggy roll called Things I love Thursdays. I thought (now that I'm an out of the closet fan not just a creepy lurker :) ) that I would take my first stab at it!

I have an archnemesis in my home. It is my stove top. My husband purchased and finished the condo we live in before we were married. He purchased the appliances without the help of any wise council- aka mom, sisters, some womanly influence. He purchased the cheapest appliances he could find, and the most part they do the trick- but this stove top and I have had a rough relationship. Its a flat/glass top whatever stove that most electric ranges are nowadays. However, instead of the usual gray or black- it is white. Sure, it looks nice, bue let me tell you how quickly that white turns every shade of dinner and burnt remnants of it! I cannot keep this stove clean for the life of me. It was always dirty and showed every single speck of over boil and pasta sauce. I'm not a clean freak- but it was always gross to look at. The white- the madness of it all! That is, until I met my new best friend

My archnemesis has been conquered. My new best friend is Bar Keeper's Friend. My old stove top cleaner was only pulled out when I needed the house sparkling. It took so much elbow grease and my trusty razor blade to even come close to a clean surface. Too much work for just everyday spills. Bar Keeper's Friend is a powder- sprinkle a little on a slightly damp surface and wipe with a slightly damp rag. Tada! I hardly have to use any elbow grease. On rare occasions do I even need to get out my trust razor blade to scrape away burnt dinner residue. Sprinkle a little on and the stains are gone!

I think the relationship between my stove top and I will be repaired. It may take time and council- but we'll manage. As for the hubby- well, next time we'll go appliance shopping together.


Kaycee said...

Thank you for posting this! I LOATHE my glass stove top for the very same reason. I can't wait to try this tip, although I don't think it will help my relationship with my stove. Some things have been said and sadly I just don't think we'll ever reconcile.

anne said...

First off, I LOVE my glass top stove. I HATE the tops where you have to move the burners and can never get down to the gunk in the trays. That being said, even the black tops show tons of gunk and are impossible to clean. I will definitely be picking some of this up!

Hmmm, my brother's a bartender, do you think he has some on hand?

Kelly said...

I miss my glass top stove with a passion, I have a gas top in this new house & as soon as it is feasible I'm bringing my electric stove home! It's a chore to keep it decent looking because every crevice gets dirty. I had found a cleaner @ Best Buy for my glass one, but I had never heard of the BKFSC, I'll have to try it out when I finally get my stove back! Thanks for sharing!

janetfaye said...

Bar Keeper's Friend is the best!

I clean my sinks with it too.

Brooke said...

i use glass cleaner on a regular basis (how am i not as messy as everyone else?) but i'll have to check this stuff out for the harder jobs.

Jen said...

Oh, I should mention that I bought it at our local grocery/mega store Meijer- but I'm sure its at other places like walmart, target, etc.

Anne- I love mine too. I had the lift out kind in my college apartment- what a pain!

Janet-I'll have to try it in my sink! Great idea!

Brooke-I'm one of the messiests cooks imaginable. My mom refused to let me in her kitchen becuase I always made such a mess. Kudos to you clean people!

Beck said...

To funny! Ugh Men of course he wouldn't take his Mom or one of his sisters, just go grab whatever is under $300 or something right? So funny! Anyways, my new stove in our house has an all black stove top. Girl it shows every single finger print, grease spot, water spot, blah it drives me crazy! And of course me being the multitasker I am always tries to do 12 things at once and everything over flows onto the stove. Such a pain! So I am def going to wally world and getting me some of the bar keepers friend :) Thanks for the recommendation. My Mom told me about it a couple weeks ago, she just got a stainless steel sink (which we have now also), and said the BKF works amazing in there. Now not that WE would ever do such a thing but if you happen to leave a pot in the sink for oh 4 or 5 or 8 days (haha kidding) sometimes it can leave little rusts spots in your stainless sink and works amazing she said! So just another little tip for ya :)
Can't wait to read these every week I'm excited!!!!