Monday, February 2, 2009

My daughter will never learn to read...

...or I will shield her eyes in every supermarket checkout lane. I have come to this stunning conclusion after standing in line for 20 minutes at Mei*jer this afternoon. Now, I'm well aware of the many suggestive covers, and headline innuendos that grace the cover of many magazines in your typical checkout lane, but I was not nearly prepared for the headline on the cover of So*ap Ope*ra Dig*est. "so and so.....HAVE S*X!!!" Never before have I seen such a bold headline in such a bold place. Unbelievable! Now in this lane, this magazine was more at my eye level, so who knows how many 3-4 foot tall kiddos saw this headline- but my gracious! How awful.

I was thankful when they started putting blue plastic covers over the Co*smo rack simply becuase the innuendos were getting to be a little much and the covers, well, I'm sure you can imagine. But this headline has just stirred my anger a little bit.

As most mothers, I look forward to the progress and development that my daughter makes along the way. I share in her excitement as she learns something new. However, I am now utterly fearful of the ability to read! I can protect her ears and eyes from most things now. I can control what she sees on the tv, what books she reads, etc. I had no idea I was going to have to blindfold her (and maybe myself) while waiting to pay for our groceries.

Innuendos I can handle- they are discreet enough unless you know what they mean. But if my 6 year old sees a headline and starts sounding it out, then proceeds to ask what it means- yikes. I want to be in control of when and how my child is introduced to such a senstive matter.

So, if Izzy never learns to read- you know why.

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