Monday, February 23, 2009

Jury Duty, God's Blessings, God's Lessons

Welcome to the most random post of the century.

So, I'm on jury duty this week. Or at least I'm on call. I have to call in each day after 5pm to see if I have to report for the next day.
So far, no problems. No duty today or tomorrow. We'll see what the rest of the week holds.

Paul and I are singing praises this week. God has been so faithful to us and has really prospered the business. I'm not saying life is a patch of roses, we have our moments, our shortfalls. But God has continued to provide for us- nearly to the dollar and day we needed it. This week God has shown his provision again. As Paul's car is in pretty desperate need of repair, God is providing 3 closings this week!!!! Praise Him!!!! Also, Paul had two purchase agreements signed over the weekend! Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!!!!! We are so thankful to be in a state of too much to do. I reminded Paul just this morning as he left stressed and overwhelmed on his day off that we need to be thankful to have these blessings. I share this not to flaunt success- but to Praise our Heavenly father for all that He is doing through us and for us.

Speaking of our Heavenly Father- I got a little lesson from the Big Daddy upstairs last week. I attend and enjoy my weekly ladies Bible study at church. I was a leader last year, but decided to serve in a different facet and just joined a group this year. Well, last week Tuesday, I realized I needed to do my lesson for Wednesday morning during naptime. Well, I really really really wanted to play Mario Kart instead. I've never been a video gamer- but I have had so much with our w.ii. Well, I half heartedly did my lesson- not really focusing or thinking about its meaning- doing just enough to fill in an answer for each question. Lo and behold my leader calls me at about 8pm tuesday night saying that her daughter was sick. She asked me to lead for her in the morning. Hahaha!!! Ok God. I get it. Focus on my priorities. So, instead of doing my lesson consideretly in the afternoon- I end up in a cram session that night. Don't you just love those lessons from our Father?

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