Thursday, February 19, 2009

100th Post???

Wow- I was going to do a random post today- come to find out this is my 100th Post! Seems like there should be hats, streamers, and maybe some cake...then again, maybe not.

Since life is rather busy, I guess I will save a grand, remarkable, mind blowing post for some other time.

Life is busy because I have been selected for Federal Jury Duty! I got the notice in the mail back in November. I am part of the jury pool for next week. I could get called in every day and get put on some major trial- or sit at home and not get called in at all.

Can I say how much I hate the unknown. I have childcare lined up for each day if needed. Luckily, I find out the night before if I have to report the next day.

But since I don't know what life will look like next week, I'm a busy gal. I'm trying to clean, prepare some meals, get the banking done, etc.

I am looking forward to serving my country by sitting on a jury- while our system has it flaws- at least we have a system!!! I will do my patriotic duty and be willing to decide guilt or innocence or liablity. I hope that it doesn't go past next week- because lets face it- its not like I have a boss who has to let me off work to do this. My "boss" is 2.5 years old and isn't so keen on long absences or change or unpredictablity.

We'll see what next week holds!

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