Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things...

I was tagged by my friend Christine tagged me from half way across the world via facebook. I'm afraid my answers will not be nearly as exciting as hers. Here we go!

  1. I'm a pastor's kid- but I like to think I turned out pretty well.
  2. I have a weird obsession for the Olympics. My dream is to someday attend a summer Olympic games and go to all of my favorite events.
  3. My all time favorite food is macaroni and cheese
  4. My parents made me get my tonsils out over spring break of 2nd grade- which was also over my birthday. It was a bummer of a vacation and a birthday!
  5. I've had glasses since the 3rd grade. I even had bifocals from 3rd-10th grade. Usually they are for old people. I liked wondering around my third grade classroom with my head tilted up just looking out of the bifocal.
  6. Two of my favorite TV shows of all time are Full House and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
  7. (an idea from Christine) My first movie in a theatre was The Little Mermaid
  8. I was incentivize to learn how to swim underwater by my aunt in Florida who said she would take me to see Kindergarten Cop if I swam the length of her pool underwater without stopping.
  9. I am an extreme perfectionist and people pleaser which made me very successful in school settings, but has been hard to work with in real life.
  10. I played Anne Frank in high school and my "temporary" black hair dye lasted for 6 months.
  11. I was drum major for three years in high school
  12. I am completely uncoordinated and have horrible eye/hand coordination. The gym teacher paired me with the special ed kids all the time. I like to think it was because I was nice to them (you know how mean high schooler's can be), but maybe it was my complete inability to make contact with the ball and racket.
  13. I traveled around the great Midwest with a traveling drama troupe in college. Spending nights with random couples from random little tiny churches is always an adventure! I should write a post about the lady I stayed with in central Florida sometime. Think lonely widow filling her life with the love of animals- of all kinds.
  14. Paul (my husband) was my first and only boyfriend. We met at Band Camp.
  15. I am a child of the 80's- I wore stirrup pants, multiple pairs of colorful socks, and long t-shirts tied on the side with a scrunchy.
  16. My favorite Christmas present was the Christy Miller book series- love those!
  17. I've been on missions trips to: Guatemala, Jamaica, Grenada, Bangladesh, Southern China, and The Bronx.
  18. I want to go to: Africa (Uganda most likely), Northern China, Australia, and South America. Maybe a layover in Spain.
  19. Teaching is my passion and I enjoy learning how to use the skill sets outside of a typical classroom.
  20. I think the tv show The Office in the funniest television since classic years of Friends.
  21. I didn't start drinking coffee until I became a mother and understood the real meaning of sleep deprivation.
  22. My worst habit is not shutting my dresser drawers all the way.
  23. My least favorite chore is ironing.
  24. I collect children's books.
  25. I have fallen through the ice on Green Lake.

You all take a try!

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anne said...

You are great at your teaching too! :) I can see all those years of drama.