Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Celebrations

We've had a lot of fun over the past week with many Christmas celebrations and get togethers.

Highlights include:

  • Morgan family get together- I had a blast with the kiddos, even though preschool isn't my thing. We did arts and crafts and games and it was just fun!

  • Mince family get together. Good fellowship- but it was hard as it was the first christmas without Uncle Steve. Also, many family could not make it do to weather and illness. I had fun running the teen auction. They raised over 50 bucks for charity! I ended up with a Kate Spade purse in the adult auction!

  • Spica immediate family. We had a great time sharing gifts. Isabelle received many wonderful things. Two favorites are a Miss Patty Cake DVD and a cash register that scans food and teaches numbers, colors, and food groups. My hubby and all the other men surprised us girls with a night in Chicago to go shopping at the outlet mall and a night away from all kids!!! What awesome husbands we have! Mom and Dad also are taking all of us to Great Wolf Lodge sometime this winter.

  • Pentwater. We had a blast. Lots of game playing. Andrea and Jason were up there. Grandma Lillie stayed for a couple days. Great christmas eve service at church (which I have a cool story about for a later post). We had a great time opening presents and enjoying lots of great food! Izzy loves her soft and cozy jammies and remote control bumble bee. I got new bath towels!!!!! And Paul bought me a cookware set. I never got pots and pans when we were married, so I was using hand me downs that were not very functional. I also got a new coffee maker to replace my broken one. I enjoyed giving my mom a calendar of Izzy pictures. Dad will be smelling good with three bottles of cologne!

All in all Christmas was a huge success. Lots of family time. A good balance of family times. We also focused on the true meaning of Christmas which is so hard to do! Hope all of your celebrations were joyful and meaningful as well!

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