Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 2 a day late

Well, this cold/flu crap I have had for a week or so has totally been kicking my butt, so I'm behind on my commentary. Luckily, I've still be able to enjoy the magic of the games!

Day two included some more swimming- great events I'm sure, I just can't remember for sure what they were!

Synchro diving was on- pretty cool.

Main event on the docket was Women's gymnastics' team qualification. What a mess that was. Sam P. sprained her ankle in warm ups, which totally flustered the team. Plus, it put them at a disadvantage. In qualifying, you have 6 athletes, 5 perform on each event, and 4 scores count- so you can drop the lowest one. Well, with Sam P. and Chellsie Memmel out of all events except for uneven bars, there were only 4 girls left, meaning no scores could be dropped- they all had to count. The girls looked tired and overtrained. Marta Karolyi was obnoxious as usual- she has done some good for USA gymnastics, but how she managed to weasel her way onto the floor is beyond me. I think it was stressing the girls out. Shawn Johnson was pretty solid, with a few hiccups. Nastia did ok too, minus a fall on her dismount on bars- I'm so glad she still made the event final! Luckily, China had their own problems too, with strange falls on bars. China leads with USA followed by Russia and Romania and Australia, but all scores are wiped out before the Team Finals where it is a 6-3-3 format (6 girls on the team, 3 perform, 3 scores count). China has the edge with higher A panel scores, so I expect them to pull it out for a win. However, if China falters under the tremendous pressure (which is somewhat typical for this team) it could be USA's golden moment. Bronze could really go to three or four teams out there. Romania was a mess. Russia looked pretty good (didn't get to see a lot of routines though) I would peg them for the bronze if I had a say. If Dasha Joura can pull it together, Australia could sneek in there as well. We'll see what happens!

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