Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have a confession to make. After Izzy was in bed, my husband and I curled up in bed to watch this:

I wish we could say that we were just watching it to "proof" what our daughter is viewing, but alas we were watching it for our own entertainment. I found this DVD treasure at my favorite store (Goodwill!!!). We had just watched Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring this weekend, so I thought watching a "spoof" of it would be fun. Boy are those people at Big Idea creative. This show had us rolling (though you'd have to know some of the Lord of the Rings in order to get it). Besides the play on names (Toto Baggypants; Randolf, etc.), there was also an "Elve-is" impersonator and a Keebler Elf who saves the day with cookies! One of my favorite lines was "You give a gourd a bow and and arrow and suddenly he's an elf!" There were the evil Sporks and Lord Scaryman. Humor aside, this was a very cute story to present the idea of using our God given gifts and talents for His purposes. Jr. Asparagus as Toto Baggypants is given a great gift: a magical bean that gives you anything you ask for. He has seen the ill effects of this great bean and how it was misused. He wants to use the bean the way it is supposed to be used but doesn't know what that means. He heads off to a foreign land with the help of the "fellowship of the bean" to seek his purpose with his gift. I think the concepts were beyond Izzy, but someday, I will use this as a resource for teaching spiritual gifts. For those of you who have older preschoolers or school age children this is a great resource. I can even say I feel as though I learned something from it!

So, there is my confession. My husband and I cuddled in bed watching none other than VeggieTales. I think we'll watch the next Lord of the Rings tonight to help us feel more grownup :)

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